This site is dedicated to the healing of women suffering from an abortion experience.

Naming your unborn child and grieving their loss, is a significant and powerful first step in post-abortive healing. Not only the mothers, but the fathers and the extended family & friends often go through a grieving period over the child that would have been their grandchild, niece/nephew, or sibling.

Anybody who has been affected by this loss may feel free to honor the unborn child.

Name Your Unborn Child

Our goal is to have all the baby names and dates collected and engraved on a permanent memorial by september of 2016. Names collected in this database will be enscribed every year at the annual memorial service. See “ND Memorial to the Unborn & Sanctuary of Healing” below for more information.


The following information will be stored in a capsule that will be buried at the Unborn Children's Memorial site in Bismarck, ND.

The information you submit will be kept confidential.